What I Do

Cross Media Marketing

Growth happens when you attack your target at every angle, making use of any medium available to you. With my help, you can crossover into different mediums to get your message to your target market in a unique and impactful way. I can teach you how a direct mail piece, email, or instant message can direct your customer to his/her own personalized website, creating a greater and more memorable impression.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Before developing a marketing and sales strategy, I will get to know your businesses inside and out. I’ll learn what makes you tick, what your goals are, and who your target market is. I will be mentally and emotionally attached to your company when writing the ideal business plan to fit your needs, so that your success will feel like my success.

Creative Campaign Strategy

Your business is brilliant, and your message needs to be heard, so let me help you send that message in an effective and impactful manner. Brainstorm with me, and turn your message into a creative and memorable advertising campaign.


Connect with your customers in person. I’ll help you plan an event for your potential and existing customers that will be both entertaining and educational. These events will attract your prospective customers while teaching them the benefits of your business.

Project Management

Utilizing my wide range of skill and contacts, I can help you connect you to the right people to help your project move forward. I can help you negotiate prices and direct you down the quickest and most cost effective route towards your business’s growth.

Full Service Consulting

From concept to final product, I can foresee your entire operation, constantly reviewing every aspect of your business, from legal to finance. As your advisor, you will have over 10 years of marketing, business, and print experience on your side.