Racad Tech Wins The Award

Posted on 4 October 2010

RACAD Tech, Inc. wins the "Best of the Best" award at the 2010 Annual XMPie Users Group Conference in Orlando, Florida for their highly personalized variable marketing solution

Toronto – Ontario, October 5, 2010 – Web-to-print specialists, RACAD Tech, Inc. is the proud recipient of the 2010 XMPie "Best of the Best” award for their interactive, direct marketing solution created for client, AlphaGraphics. The personalized 1-to-1 variable marketing campaign was designed to collect AlphaGraphics clients’ demographic information and promote its print capabilities. This demonstrated how powerful and unique cross-media campaigns are, while conveying how it can benefit a brand positively.

Recipients of the cross-media campaign were sent personalized calendars which directed past and current clients to visit a uniquely personalized website using Racad’s technology. Users were to register for a promotional gift and fill out a questionnaire relating to printing habits to be used for future sales efforts. Not only did this cross-media initiative generate new business for the company, the results gathered via RACAD Tech’s software respectively earned a 13.5% response rate, which is the clients most successful direct marketing campaign to date.

The four day conference brought together industry leaders who offer variable data printing and personalized one-to-one direct marketing services and fostered dialogue between XMPie, its partners and the user community. The contest entries were judged on degree of innovation, use of multi-channel communication technology, data integration, business effectiveness and measurement, overall aesthetics and degree of XMPie use.

"Racad is honored to accept the XMPie ‘best of the best’ award and we are extremely pleased with the success it brought Alphagrahics, said Boaz Willinger, VP of Business Development, RACAD Tech, Inc. "I would also like to thank the creative team at Eden Advertising & Interactive for the designs they produced for both the calendar mailing and the personalized webpage designs. This combined effort truly demonstrates the power of Racad's technology and 1-to-1 direct marketing"

RACAD Tech, Inc.

RACAD Tech, Inc. is committed to creating innovative and user-optimized Web applications for a diverse client base. Racad's development specialties include software services for the Web-to-print industry. Their solutions power some of the most well known brands in the print industry. Racad's Web-to-Print solutions are web-based products hailed for their ease of use, accessibility and affordability. Racad's suite of products covers the spectrum of web to print solutions required for graphic arts and print companies of any size. Their products include: FTP and PDF Print Drivers for printers at www.goprint2.comwww.FTPPrint.com and GoSendEx.com. Easy 1-to-1 Marketing portals are available at www.fingerprintpics.com and www.myvdprint.com, as well as their flagship web to print engine available through www.goepower.com.


XMPie, a business-unit of Xerox Corporation, is the leading provider of software for cross-media, variable data one-to-one marketing. Its solutions help businesses create and manage highly-effective cross-media campaigns, leveraging their market and customer information to achieve dramatic returns on their marketing investments.

AlphaGraphics, Inc.

AlphaGraphics, Inc. plans, produces and manages visual communications for businesses at nearly 300 owner-operated, locally-based business centers worldwide. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, the AlphaGraphics network leads the industry in sales per location. Backed by state-of-the-art technology, the world’s highest quality standards and a global network, the company’s trained and experienced team members are committed to delivering creative solutions that allow customers to communicate more confidently and effectively.


Racad Tech Sells 155 FingerPrintPics Licenses to Snap Franchising

Posted on 7 September 2010

RACAD Tech Inc. sells 155 FingerPrintPics licencesto Snap Franchising Ltd., the largest Print Network in Australia

Toronto - Ontario, September 7, 2010 - RACAD Tech, Inc. announced the sale of 155 FingerPrintPics licences to Australia's Snap Franchising Ltd. Containing ready-to-go marketing materials, the FingerPrintPics.com marketing portal enables licensees to immediately promote 1-to-1 variable data marketing collateral to their customer base and sell ready-made personalized direct marketing solutions to business clients.

As the most recognized print service provider in Australia, Snap Franchising Ltd. dominates the market with over 150 locations in Australia and extends their presence internationally with locations in Asia and Europe. Snap Franchising Ltd. launched Snap Direct, their branded FingerPrintPics marketing portal, at their 2010 conference. Snap Direct, developed by RACAD Tech, offers captivating ready-made 1-to-1 postcards, calendars, invitations, and marketing solutions. The solution utilizes image personalization that creates recipient intrigue, thus generating higher response rates than regular marketing pieces. Using RACAD's FingerPrintPics 1-to-1 marketing solution enables every Snap Franchise location to easily compete in the 1-to-1 print market space. In addition, the FingerPrintPics solution reduces creative and programming costs, thus enabling the Snap owners to market this new service immediately and sell it to their clients with ease and minimal set-up costs.

Boaz Willinger, Director of Business Development for RACAD Tech Inc. was at the Snap Conference in Australia to demonstrate and launch Snap Direct. "Snap is a very innovative and progressive print franchise. They are truly leaders in their market. It was amazing to meet with franchise owners who understand the importance of leading the way with new technologies such as the FingerPrintPics 1-to-1 marketing solution. So far the feedback from Snap has been overwhelmingly positive. Many centres began using the product the very next day. We look forward to seeing how Snap's clients respond to Snap Direct,” said Willinger.

"Doing business with Racad has been a great experience. It's refreshing working with people who are timely and reflect their product professionally.” said Lidia D'Opera, Group Manager-Marketing, Snap. "I am certain that Snap Direct will continue to give us the leading edge we continually strive for in the print industry and will bring new revenue to our franchisees."

RACAD Tech, Inc.

RACAD Tech, Inc. is committed to creating innovative and user-optimized Web applications for a diverse client base. With our industry expertise, cutting edge technology, and proven solutions we are able to offer innovative software that meet the needs of our clients and their customers. Our development specialties include software services for the Web-to-print industry. Our Web-based products are appropriate and affordable for a variety of other industries and businesses, regardless of their size.

Snap Print Franchise Ltd.

Snap is at the forefront of industry trends and introduces new technology to improve turnaround times and print quality. Snap Printing Franchise Ltd is the largest and most recognized print service brand in Australia and is the number one choice for business printing.